Moving with Pets



I was reminded how important our pets are to us today during an inspection. A wonderful family is selling their home and they must take into consideration the lifestyle and feelings of the whole family during this transition. This particular family includes 3 dogs, a cat, and two birds! To say it is difficult to move with pets is an understatement. From showing your home to potential buyers to traveling to your new home by plane or car to keeping your pet safe during the move, the planning and details can be overwhelming at times. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


Listing Your Home 

  • Have a trusted, reliable friend walk through your home to alert you of any pet odors. Sometimes your nose may be desensitized to the smells that potential buyers will notice right away.
  • Clean litter boxes before each showing when possible. Most buyers can smell a dirty litter box a mile away.
  • Walk the yard to pick up any pet waste from potential walking paths. Remember that those very interested buyers that you are hoping will make an offer on your home may want to walk around the outside of the home to get a good look at it. Nothing is worse than a buyer or their agent having to take their shoes off and/or ride with the windows down the rest of the day after leaving your home. It makes a lasting impression, but not in a good way!
  • Clean pet bedding and eating areas regularly.
  • Think about having a friend or neighbor keep your pets during showings. Many times the pet can be more unnerved by the presence of strange visitors when the family is away than the visitor is with the pet’s presence. If this is not possible, consider a large crate or a child gate to keep the pet confined. For long showing weekends, consider doggie day care as a treat to your furry friend.
  • Inspect your home for any pet related damage and repair it. Check doors, window frames, and floors for any dirt, scratches, or bite marks. Think about what you would like to see or not see as a buyer.

Moving With Your Pet

  • Have copies of their medical records and make sure shots are up to date.
  • Scout out a recommended vet close to your new home. Check with your real estate agent or new neighbors for referrals.
  • Keep outdoor cats inside the home several days before moving day arrives. Animals can sense the tension and could wander off in the chaos of the packing and moving trucks.
  • Speak with your vet in advance about any problems with overly anxious pets or travel medications. You don’t want to try that new sedative on the day of your eight-hour car trip only to find out that Fluffy has a bad reaction to it.
  • If your pet is uncomfortable in the car, practice your move by taking him on shorter car trips to get him used to it in the weeks before you leave.
  • On a personal note, make sure you keep some cleaning supplies in the car in the unfortunate event that your pet has an accident in their crate.

With a little extra time, cleaning, and planning, the whole family can have a more successful and less stressful move. If you are moving in or out of the Charlotte area, give me a call today at 704-577-0023 to discuss how I can help you!

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