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*New for 2022: I am no longer an offering a members area of my site. Due to the fast-moving pace associated with new construction availability, I now only offer information on upcoming developments and options through personal contact and password protected pages.

Thank you for visiting my local blog for new construction. I spend many hours researching the latest proposed subdivision projects in the area and working with clients to build their perfect home on the best available lot. There are many potential buyers looking on my site that either already have a real estate agent or will purchase directly from the builder with absolutely no representation at all! Remember that the builder will NOT give you a “discount” for not using a buyer’s agent as any real estate fees are already rolled into their pricing and they do not want to decrease their appraisal values for the subdivision. Why do everything yourself and rely solely on what the builder’s representative tells you when my fees can be paid out of the closing proceeds!

If you are in that group of buyers who see the potential value in my expertise as a local agent with lots of experience in the home building process from neighborhood and lot selection to home inspection recommendations and attending all meetings as your advocate and adviser, please continue on!  I have clients that built or are building in a variety of neighborhoods and price ranges including: Skyecroft, Vintage Creek, Inverness on Providence, Providence Downs South, Atherton, Cavaillon, Ladera, Massey, Barrington, Walden Austin Village, Waverly, The Falls at Weddington, Bromley, and Lawson.

If you already have an agent, I ask that you please turn to him or her for all questions. Real estate is my passion and I love my work but I don’t want to do any one else’s job as it takes away from devoting time to my own clients and my family. Thank you for your understanding.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to help you by contacting me directly at (704) 577-0023 or! If you are a serious buyer in the area and would like to discuss having me work as your buyer’s agent, please contact me personally for more information.

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