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“Where is this house?”


As people look at relocating to the area, I am often asked about what city a certain house or subdivision is located in.  They may see one website list it as a Matthews address while another real estate site lists it as a Weddington address.  The confusion lies in the post office designation.

If you are looking in the Weddington/Waxhaw/Marvin area for a home, there are two US post offices, one in Matthews with the zip code 28104 and the other in Waxhaw with the zip code of 28173.  Many residents in the village of Marvin will write their address as “Marvin, NC”  instead of Waxhaw, NC in order to clarify their location, but the zip code will be 28173 regardless of personal preference.  Weddington residents, as another example, will often list their address as “Weddington, NC  28104” when in fact the officially recognized post office address is “Matthews, NC 28104.”

When you are working with me as your local real estate agent, I am able to help you navigate through these kinds of questions that come up for most buyers.  In short, remember that school assignments, zip codes, and tax locations do not necessarily overlap.  You could quite possibly pay Marvin taxes, have a Waxhaw address, and go to Weddington schools.  Contact me for questions and appointment requests at

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